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Industry pain points

Various business types and order structures

Production, wholesale distribution, distribution, retail and other businesses are diverse, the order structure has the characteristics of small batches, multiple batches, large batches and small batches, and the storage mode and operation mode are diverse.

Strict compliance management requirements

There are strict batch control and validity period management in storage, and the precise layout of storage process realizes the transparent and traceable production and operation process.

High requirements for flexible customization

Warehousing requires more flexible solution deployment and flexible scalable solutions, such as robots operating in multiple temperature zones and across floors.

High storage timeliness requirements

Multi-temperature zones and cross-floor operations require efficient scheduling and a high level of information technology.


Based on the concept of "flexible storage", four-way shuttles, elevators, conveyor lines, AGVs, palletizing manipulators, etc. are deployed to realize unmanned operations in the three-dimensional warehouse, effectively improving space utilization and operating efficiency. Simultaneous deployment of WCS, WMS and RCS systems follows the allocation strategy of first-in-first-out, near-expiration date first-out, and batch number management to realize complex and diverse operation scenarios such as multi-batch expiration dates, multi-temperature zones, and cross-floors, and accurate cargo locations Storage, realize the transparency and traceability of the pharmaceutical production and operation process.

Smart four-way shuttle
High speed elevator
Flexible conveyor line
Smart Warehousing Software
Solution results

Save floor space, improve space utilization, and increase storage capacity

Realize the unmanned operation of storage, loading and unloading, and inventory, reduce labor costs, and improve the overall storage operation efficiency

Realize inventory visualization, intelligent inventory management, intelligent inventory operations, etc., improve inventory accuracy, and realize intelligent warehouse management

Reduce human-machine-object cross-operation, eliminate potential safety hazards, realize fool-proof and error-proof, and improve operation management and control capabilities

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