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Industry pain points

High storage space requirements and high land costs

The number of goods in the warehouse is large, the shape of the warehouse is irregular, and the available space is limited, resulting in waste of land costs.

Many types of storage

There are many types of finished products in the warehouse, and the manual work out process is cumbersome.

High timeliness requirements

Food has a shelf life, and manual work in and out of the warehouse is prone to wrong orders and missing orders, which is low in efficiency and high in cost.

High storage environment requirements

The food warehouse requires a stable and clean storage environment. The traditional manual entry and exit mode can easily disturb the stable state of the warehouse environment and affect the quality of the goods in the warehouse.


Renovate and upgrade traditional warehouses, adopt multi-storey four-way car stereoscopic warehouses, equipped with intelligent shuttle vehicles, telescopic belt conveyors, palletizing manipulators, unstacking tray machines, hoists and supporting conveyor lines, fully automatic camera OCR tray assembly systems, and ZIKOO intelligent Warehouse management platform (WMS, WES, WCS, RCS) and other software and hardware equipment. The basic data of materials in the intelligent warehouse is automatically synchronized with the WMS system to realize the first-in-first-out and dynamic tally functions and improve the turnover rate of goods. The whole process of the warehouse realizes standardization, system intelligence and data visualization.

Smart four-way shuttle
High speed elevator
Flexible conveyor line
Smart Warehousing Software
Solution results

High-density pallet shuttle car three-dimensional warehouse design, make full use of warehouse space

Fully automatic camera grouping solution, replacing the traditional manual grouping method, improving the efficiency of grouping and saving labor costs

Multi-vehicle scheduling on the same floor and across floors, software and hardware collaborative operations, different depths, and storage locations to achieve first-in-first-out materials, greatly improving the timeliness of materials entering and leaving the warehouse

Unmanned operation, reducing personnel access and ensuring warehouse cleanliness

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