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A regional warehouse for electric power smart materials

A power regional warehouse inspection, storage and distribution integration base project, as the first smart material regional warehouse, took the lead in integrating automation technology, LOT technology, virtual digital twin, WAPI communication and other technologies to break data barriers, improve automation level, and realize inspection and storage With efficient coordination, it has reached the international leading level as a whole.

Customer pain points

Multi-warehousing and multi-equipment linkage requirements, high storage efficiency and space utilization requirements

Realize unmanned warehousing, unmanned inspection, and unmanned inspection and storage linkage

Integrate the three major business systems of warehousing, testing, and distribution, and be able to coordinate inspection, storage, and distribution resources, and dynamically adjust operation strategies

The seamless connection between the warehousing software system and the power grid management platform and the global LOT platform breaks down the barriers to data interaction

The Zikoo solution

The construction area of ​​the inspection, storage and distribution integrated base is about 6636 square meters, and the building is divided into two warehouses, No. 1 and No. 2. No. 1 warehouse is about 4320 square meters, including the distribution network equipment inspection area on the first floor, the four-way shuttle three-dimensional warehouse on the second floor, and the four-way shuttle , three-dimensional racks, elevators and supporting conveyor . ​​No. 2 warehouse is about 1132㎡. It is designed with a three-dimensional storage area for stackers and a flat storage area, equipped with three-dimensional racks, heavy-duty stackers, roller conveyor lines, AGV and other equipment.

Among them, the three-dimensional warehouse area of ​​the four-way shuttle car in the No. 2 warehouse integrates storage and sorting, covers an area of ​​560 square meters, builds 2 layers of racks, and has 220 storage spaces. It is equipped with 2 four-way shuttles and 2 elevators. It mainly stores scattered materials such as surge arresters, drop switches, and stereotyped fittings with a single plate weight of less than 1.5 tons, relatively uniform dimensions, and a code plate size of less than 1600*1200*1100mm.

Project achievements

The front end of the three-dimensional warehouse is equipped with six manual picking stations. When the picking task is issued, the system intelligently dispatches the shuttles and plans the optimal path, and cooperates with manual picking to complete the automatic warehouse-in and out of material picking.

The loading and unloading of smart three-dimensional storage materials has achieved a 4-fold increase in storage capacity and a 3-fold increase in efficiency through the cooperation of four-way shuttle , elevators, conveyor , heavy-duty stackers and other equipment.

When materials are put into the warehouse, the system intelligently allocates the storage area according to the weight, size and operation frequency of the materials. When in the warehouse, it intelligently adjusts the location according to the utilization rate of the material storage capacity of the two warehouse areas, saving the time for redistribution and dumping of materials. Realize the automatic transfer of materials.

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