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A power center warehouse

With the sharp increase in the demand for power supplies brought about by the transformation and upgrading of the power grid, the storage period of power enterprise warehouses is shortened, the turnover rate is accelerated, and the frequency of in and out of warehouses is increasing. Traditional warehouses can no longer meet the needs of development and construction. Especially in the face of disaster preparedness and emergency response to power emergencies, the efficient storage and storage of power materials is the key to ensuring power recovery, and smart supply chain reform is urgently needed.

Customer pain points

The materials in the warehouse are complex and diverse, and the weight of a single pallet is as high as 1.5T

The response speed of material receiving is low and the security is high

Low warehouse management efficiency and low degree of informatization

Realize multi-type warehouse scenarios, combined with face recognition, smart security and other informatization supporting facilities

The Zikoo solution

The total area of ​​the warehouse is 8142㎡, with a net height of 7.5m. The overall planning includes a four-way shuttle car three-dimensional warehouse, a beam-type shelf AGV warehouse, a piggyback AGV picking warehouse, and an unattended warehouse. It is also equipped with a central control room, a service hall, and a meeting room At the same time, information facilities such as face recognition, smart security, WMS system, and handheld operation APP are deployed.

Among them, the four-way three-dimensional warehouse covers an area of ​​1260 square meters, with 3 layers of shelves, 1272 cargo spaces, 6 four-way shuttle cars, 2 hoists, and 1 set of WMS, WES, WCS, and RCS software systems.

Project achievements

Build 3 kinds of warehouses + 1 storage system to realize "goods-to-person" intelligent storage and picking

Realize intelligent matching and error reporting with the help of Internet of Things technologies such as face recognition and intelligent security

Equipped with an intelligent software system PC-side smart large screen + handheld terminal APP to realize the whole process information management

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