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A power center warehouse

With the sharp increase in the demand for power supplies brought about by the transformation and upgrading of the power grid, the storage period of power enterprise warehouses is shortened, the turnover rate is accelerated, and the frequency of in and out of warehouses is increasing. Traditional warehouses can no longer meet the needs of development and construction. Especially in the face of disaster preparedness and emergency response to power emergencies, the efficient storage and storage of power materials is the key to ensuring power recovery, and smart supply chain reform is urgently needed.

Customer pain points

The construction of a certain power grid is imminent. In order to ensure the timeliness and reliability of material supply in the new area and promote the intensive management of material resources, build a modern warehouse and testing center with integrated operation of "inspection, storage and distribution".

The Zikoo solution

Centralized sampling inspection: build quality in Xiongan, realize "full coverage" of online material testing, testing capabilities will cover 297 testing items in 25 categories, material testing capabilities will reach B-level capabilities, and annual testing equipment can reach 2,800 sets

Efficient storage: including light/heavy stacker three-dimensional warehouse, beam shelf area, AGV forklift flat area, outdoor automatic driving storage area and other functional areas, the material storage capacity reaches 1280 pallets, and the material throughput reaches 50 pallets per hour

Overall planning and deployment: it not only meets the three goals of time-limited delivery, but also meets the needs of project units for scheduled delivery

Project achievements

China's first unmanned blind sample production line

The first intelligent truss robot in the power industry

The first black box inspection line for equipment random inspection in the electric power industry

The first 20-ton outdoor automatic addressing mobile crane in the power industry

Warehouse comprehensive business unmanned service hall

Unmanned intelligent detection

System interoperability

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