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A pharmaceutical packaging material warehouse

Changes in the policies of the pharmaceutical industry, the adjustment of node links in the pharmaceutical supply chain, and the rise of new sales channels such as pharmaceutical e-commerce are changing the intelligent demand for logistics and warehousing in the pharmaceutical industry. Management regulations such as GMP and GSP run through the entire production and operation process of the pharmaceutical industry, and warehouse information management has become an important means for the pharmaceutical industry to efficiently implement regulations and promote compliant production and sales.

Customer pain points

The horizontal warehouse of pharmaceutical packaging materials is transformed into a three-dimensional high warehouse to expand the storage capacity of the warehouse

Realize warehousing automation, automatic inventory checking ,inbound &outbound

Warehouse ambient temperature -10°C-40°C, stable operation of equipment and systems

The goods are shipped on pallets and stored in the form of combine pallets

The Zikoo solution

The building area of ​​the vertical warehouse is 1895 ㎡, the height of the vertical warehouse is 17m, and there are 7 floors, 4100 cargo locations

4 sets of four-way shuttles, 4 sets of high-speed elevators, several conveyor , 1 set of WMS, WES, WCS, RCS software systems

Cargo size 1300*1200*2000mm (including pallet)

Project achievements

The transformation of the 7-layer dense high-rise warehouse of pharmaceutical packaging materials increases the storage capacity by 5.5 times

The four-way shuttle replaces the manual forklift, and the comprehensive storage efficiency is increased by more than 3 times

Customized combine pallet storage, reducing the cost of goods shipped with pallets

Assist customers to sort out the warehousing operation process and launch the WMS system for the first time

Configure storage equipment that matches the ambient temperature -10°C-40°C, and the equipment and system are running stably

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